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Amenities include
  • Full breakfast
  • Free on-site parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shower seating
  • Gift shop
Located near
  • Marietta
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Hannibal Locks and Dam
  • Kiedaisch Point Park
  • Marv's Place
  • Fairway's Riverside Golf Course
Wanting a way to keep active after retirement from their family door and window business, the hospitality-loving Millers decided to renovate a 1912 home at the north end of their small village of Sardis, OH and open a bed and breakfast.  The project took 6 ½ years, providing a private bathroom for each of the four beautifully decorated rooms.  The Millers chose The Orchard Bed and Breakfast for the name of their lovely ‘home away from home.'

The Orchard Bed and Breakfast is located in Southeast Ohio in Monroe County, a county with unsurpassed beauty.  Breathtaking surprises await around each bend in the winding roads and hills. The Orchard is nestled between the beautiful Ohio River and the lovely hills of Monroe County. The 1912 home sits on the historic site of one of the first cabins of the Northwest Territory. The Millers completely renovated the lovely home, saving as much of the ‘old trim boards’ and the original staircase as possible, and then matching up the same to complete the vintage look.  The front of the house, and the original large porch, is actually in the back now--still facing the Ohio River and the hills of West Virginia.
37470 5th Avenue | Sardis, OH 43946

The Orchard

​Bed & Breakfast